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Allen Bradley 1746-IB16, Series C, SLC500 Input Module DC-SINK - USED (203150544197)
Allen Bradley 2711P-RTBDC2 | 2-Pin PanelView Plus DC Power Plug *NEW* (283793376314)
1PCS Brand New Allen Bradley 1747-BA B9650T PLC Battery US STOCK (374930907921)
Brand New Allen Bradley 1747-BA, B9650T PLC Battery SLC Lithium Battery (354960001278)
1756-TBNH Allen Bradley Control Logix Terminal Block 1756TBNH S36 (385151508397)
Allen-Bradley 1769-ECR Compact I/O Right End Cap Serie A 1769ECR Factory Sealed (235288999292)
NEW Allen-Bradley 1734-IB8 /D POINT I/O 8 Point Digital Input Module 1734IB8 (296030966614)
Allen Bradley 2080-LCD Micro810 LCD Display w Keypad (010924) (196179840969)
Allen-Bradley 100-C09EJ10 New 100-C IEC Contactor 24V DC 9A AB 100-C09EJ10 (176253323685)
NEW Factory Sealed Allen-Bradley 1756-IB16 / A ControlLogix 16 Point D/I Module (364461733798)
Aftermarket Allen Bradley 1747-UIC USB to DH485 Windows 10 LIFETIME & 1747-C13 (186167085006)
Allen-Bradley 1747-L532 SLC 500 Processor Unit *No Door* (375269989355)
New Factory Sealed Allen-Bradley 1746-OA16 SER D SLC 500 Output Module 1746OA16 (364446256279)
Allen-Bradley 2080-RTD2 2-channel Resistance Thermometer Micro800 Plug-in Module (355486137024)
New 700-TBR12 Allen-Bradley Output Relay 12VDC 5-Pin 6A 250VAC Fast Ship (315175789010)
Allen Bradley 2085-IQ16 16-point digital input Micro850 Expansion Module (355486139294)
New Factory Sealed 1746-OA16 Allen-Bradley SER D SLC 500 Output Module 1746OA16 (196052382032)
Allen-Bradley 2080-DNET20 Micro800 DeviceNet Scanner Plug-In Module Sealed (355486172164)
New Allen Bradley 1606-XLB120E Power Supply 100-240V AC input 24Vdc Output (156077854729)
NEW Allen-Bradley 1769-CRR1 CompactLogix Right-To-Right Cable Surplus US (355485915756)
Allen Bradley 1769-CRR1 CompactLogix Right-To-Right Cable Surplus SEALED (355486128352)
New Factory Sealed Allen-Bradley 1756-RMC1 Controllogix Cable PLC AB 1756RMC1 (355485915657)
NEW 2085-OB16 Allen-Bradley 16 Point Source Output Module (355486142414)
New Factory Sealed Allen Bradley 5069-FPD Compact I/O Field Potential Distributo (126344897484)
New Allen-Bradley 1734-IA4 POINT I/O 4 Point Digital Input Module (355486173372)
2023 NEW Sealed Allen-Bradley 5069-IB16 Ser A Compact 5000 DC I/O Input Module (145569579738)
BRAND New Sealed Allen-Bradley 1746-A7 SLC 500 7-Slot Rack Chassis PLC Module (145386233466)
New 2080-LC20-20QBB SER C Allen-Bradley Micro820 20 I/O ENet/IP Controller (355486172077)
Sealed Pre-owned Allen Bradley 5069-IB16 /A Compact 5000 I/O 16-Ch Input Module (155834717415)
Factory Sealed Allen-Bradley 1746-P2/C Chassis Power Supply PLC 1746-P2 STOCK (355486174152)
Sealed Allen-Bradley 2080-LC20-20QWB Micro820 20 I/O ENet/IP Controller In Box (355486172250)
1746NI8 Allen Bradley 1746-NI8 SLC 500 Analog Input PLC New Factory Sealed (394666330822)
Allen Bradley 1747-AIC SER B DH-485 LINK COUPLER MODULE New Factory 1747AIC (355485932135)
New Factory Sealed AB 1769-IQ32 /A CompactLogix 24V DC Input Module 1769IQ32 (395213416987)
Allen-Bradley 1783-US8T SER A Statix 2000 Unmanaged Ethernet New Factory Sealed (355485932027)
New 2080-LC30-24QWB Factory Sealed Allen-Bradley Micro830 24 I/O Controller (126344898509)
New Sealed 1756-IB32 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 32 Pt 12/24V Module 1756IB32 TX (335066730415)
Allen Bradley 1783-US08T/A sealed AB Stratix 2000 switch 8 copper P new in box (355486140721)
2080-LC30-24QWB Sealed Allen-Bradley 2080LC3024QWB Micro830 24 I/O Controller (355485931989)
ALLEN-BRADLEY 1769-IF4 - SER B CompactLogix 4-Ch Input Module NEW FACTORY SEALED (156061003451)
New ALLEN BRADLEY 1763-MM1 AB (355485932197)
Allen Bradley 1761-NET-ENI Interface Module EtherNet/IP, Ser D, Rev A (196243051690)
nEW IN BOX Allen Bradley 440G-T27121 Ser/E Guard Locking Switch 24VDC (355486173445)
NEW Original Allen Bradley 2080-MEMBAK-RTC Memory Module With RTC Plug-In (355486172826)
New Allen Bradley 22-COMM-E SER A PowerFlex Ethernet/IP Comm Adapter US (355486173915)
Allen-Bradley 5069 CompactLogix I/O 16 channels AC input modules, supporting... (386669568376)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1747-KE SER C SLC 500 DH-485 RS-232C Interface Module (355486172993)
1746P4 AB Allen-Bradley 1746-P4 Ser A SLC 500 Power Supply Module New Sealed (355486172597)
NEW Allen-Bradley 1747-L531 SER E SLC 500 5/03 CPU Processor Unit Controller (355486191389)
Allen Bradley 20-750-2263C-1R2T PowerFlex 750 24V Tran IO Option Module (355486174078)
Allen Bradley 1794-IF2XOF2I Flex I/O Analog Module, 2-In/2-Out-Isolated, 16-Bit- (355486181567)
New AB Allen-Bradley 1762-OB32T SER A MicroLogix 32 Point D/O Module (126344896227)
New Sealed Allen-Bradley AB 1786-RPA ControlNet Repeater Adapter Module Series B (355486187949)
NEW Allen-Bradley 20-750-2262C-2R PowerFlex 750 24V DC IO Option Module (395220706427)
Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC 1766-L32BXB - Working Condition! (166612548498)
NEW IN BOX Allen-Bradley 2080-LC50-24QBB Micro850 Ethernet I/P Controller (156077897979)
Allen Bradley 1761-L32AWA Controller (295552724769)
New IN BOX Allen-Bradley 2080-LC50-24AWB Ser B I/O EtherNet/IP Controller (355486189938)
FACTORY SEALED Allen-Bradley 1756-OB16I I/O Module SERIES A (296209816841)
New Factory Sealed AB 1756-IF8 SER A ControlLogix 8 Point A/I Module 1756IF8 (134949564355)
NEW Allen-Bradley 1769-IF8 CompactLogix 8 Pt Analog Input Module New Sealed (404805313938)
2022-23 NEW Factory Sealed 2080-LC50-48QBB Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP Controller (355486189433)
New Allen-Bradley 1764-24BWA SER B MicroLogix1500 24 Point Controller 1764 24BWA (355486179482)
New Factory Sealed 1756-ENBT Allen-Bradley SER A EtherNet/IP ControlLogix Module (196061651599)
New Sealed AB Allen Bradley 1762-L24BXB / C MicroLogix 1200 24 Point Controller (355486187155)
NEW IN BOX Allen Bradley 2080-LC70-24QBB Micro870 24 I/O ENet/IP Controller (355486188499)
New Allen Bradley 1768-ENBT SER A EtherNet/IP Communication Module AB 1768ENBT (395220660032)
2023 New Allen-Bradley 1766-L32BXBA / C MicroLogix 1400 Controller 1766L32BXBA# (355486206866)
Allen Bradley 2711P-RP8D Series A PanelView Plus 6 Logic Module (305330412980)
1769-IF4I Allen-Bradley SER A Compact I/O Analog Input Module New Factory Sealed (196117603419)
Allen Bradley 2711P-RP8D Series B PanelView Plus 6 Logic Module (295881567897)
New Allen-Bradley 2094-BSP2 AC Servo Drive Module AB 2094-BSP2 Factory Sealed (355486177141)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 2711P-RP2A Ser G 2711P-RW2 RR128 PanelView Plus Module (355486175600)
Surplus Allen Bradley 2711P-RN15S /B Communication Module (126344896524)
New AB 1769-AENTR /A Compactlogix Ethernet/IP Adapter 1769AENTR Allen Bradley US (395220697626)
NEW Allen-Bradley 1756-OA16 ControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module PLC 1756OA16 (176172571051)
NEW Allen Bradley 1762-L40BXB /C MicroLogix 1200 40 Point Controller 1762L40BXB (355479051289)
Allen-Bradley 1762-L24AWA MicroLogix 1200 24 Pt Controller PLC 1762L24AWA New (395220703881)
1756-OF8 Allen Bradley 8 Pt Output Module Sealed 2023 Unused Surplus (354997959513)
Allen-Bradley 1756-IF16 SER A ControlLogix 16 Pt Input Module New 1756IF16 (364740781696)
2023 Allen Bradley 1762-L40BXB MicroLogix 1200 40 Point Controller 1762-L40BXB (395220706606)
SLC 5/05 CPU Allen Bradley 1747 - L551 Ser B Rev 4 OS501 Ser C Frn 6 (404812212267)
2711P-T7C22D9P New IN STOCK Allen Bradley Series B PanelView Plus 7 ship by UPS (315176147652)
Allen-Bradley 1763-L16BWA MicroLogix 1100 16 Point Controller 1763-L16BWA (395220659024)
Allen Bradley 1768-L45 SER D CompactLogix Safety Processor New Factory Sealed (126344882078)
2023 Allen-Bradley 1747-AENTR (255523024557)
2022 NEW Allen-Bradley 1769-L27ERM-QBFC1B CompactLogix Processor PLC Module (404815627628)
Allen-Bradley 20AD5P0A0AYNNNC0 Ser A PowerFlex 70 AC Drive NEW IN BOX (355486195325)
ALLEN BRADLEY PANELVIEW 550 2711-B5A2 SER E REV B FRN 2.01 100-240VAC 0.25-0.15A (355486192111)
Allen Bradley 1756-L72S /B Factory Sealed GuardLogix Processor 5572S Controller (404815627495)
New Factory Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-L72S SER B GuardLogix 5572S Controller 4MB (355486166827)
New Allen-Bradley 2094-AC09-M02-S Kinetix 6000 Integrated Axis 2094AC09M02S (355486193808)
nEW IN BOX Allen-Bradley 1756-L73S SER B GuardLogix Controller 8MB/4MB 1756L73S (355486074224)
Allen Bradley 2711-T5A20L1 PanelView 550 4.48 Touch Panel 2711T5A20L1 (355486196608)
2023 factory sealed surplus Allen Bradley 1756-L81E (256063455713)
2023 Allen Bradley 1756-L82ES /B GuardLogix Logix 5580 Controller Sealed Surplus (305188822484)
Allen Bradley 2711P-T12C4A8 Touch Screen Brand New Seal stock Free shipping (126344995861)
2023/2024 Surplus SEALED Allen Bradley 1756-L84E Series B Processor ControlLogix (295956203949)
Allen Bradley 2711P-K15C6B1 Touch Screen Brand New Seal stock Free shipping (126344995862)

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